Your company has value.  Unfortunately, as a privately held company value is not readily attainable from the business section of the local newspaper or the internet.  To complicate matters, your company can have  different values associated with it based on the exit strategy you choose.  In order to determine if your exit goals can be achieved you will need to know the relevant value of your business based on the strategy you wish to implement.  


Whether your looking to determine the value of your company so you can sell it or if you want to take advantage of applicable discounts and transfer your business to a family member or trust our specialized knowledge in tax and valuation services affords us the ability to implement the appropriate valuation method in order to meet your exit strategy goals.


Private Equity Transitions, LLC provides valuation services to meet the

following needs:


o Sale of Business Interest

o Estate and Gift Strategies


o Risk Management Techniques

o Owner Buy/Sell Agreements


Valuation Services